Responsibilitylecture: Henrik Leslye

" I moved in last month. How did it go ? "You shall ensure that the atmosphere is in order first. If they have been difficult , you have to help but bite on their flattery and sweet comments . You must commit the person to take responsibility by being " stain-resistant " towards his emotional outbursts, says Henrik Leslye .

An example would be an eq - parent who is trying to place the responsibility for the child's well-being than the teacher . The mother does not conform to the agreements you make with her. She promises much , without anything happening .

She praises the educator's work, and it is tempting to bite on the flattery . But instead you have to get her to take responsibility for example . by making a plan. Let eq'eren do the work yourself . Both when it is a parent and a colleague, says Henrik Leslye. It helps them by not buying their excuses and excuses . You have to put the responsibility back - kindly but firmly .


IQ'eren ( dominated by intellect and reason ) : Is it sensible and rational. In their good version is the far-sighted and intelligent . They are very professional and like numbers and exact information. They are structural rather than sensations and emotions. Among eq'erne would call them aloof . In subjects such as accountants, lawyers and doctors will be part iq'ere .

Iq'erne often speak in one language and distancing themselves from what they are talking about. And where eq'eren love to sit in big offices, will iq'erne rather close their door and dig deep, tells Henrik Leslye. When they become more difficult - and they do such . , If they feel insecure - they can be a little arrogant and spiteful .

" It was impressive - you have great ideas ? " They can be a little smug and " father knows it all" -style . They may have a tendency to use indirect aggression. When they are pressed , they are not sad, but anxious ... for not knowing enough.

Iq'ere forget to say good morning and forget birthdays. Many in the care sector (where some have very eq) feels burdened by iq'ere . They are not shouting or overweening , but more often uncomfortable in the form of small, sarcastic connector.

An IQ - parent , for example . be the academic father, who in his own fear of not being able to handle her child reacts arrogant, says Henrik Leslye. As casts doubt on your knowledge and expertise , because he feels he's losing control , "Had I not what courses at the college ? "

When iq'erne is difficult , you can address them by checking that it has its own value . " You have your way of seeing the world , I have mine."

One must remember that they are difficult because they are anxious . " It is quite strange how fast people change behavior if you start to treat them differently , and most have no wish to be difficult . " Well , it's really how I work on the other ? " Once they get to know , grabs most of it, "says Henrik Leslye .